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Patty brings tremendous energy to the table. We have worked with her for over 7 years in providing cost effective shipping solutions for her vendors. We greatly appreciate the opportunity, and look forward to working with her in more years to come.


Sean MacKay

Account Executive




For the past 6 years I have had the pleasure of participating in a business-to-business relationship with Patty Bates.


Patty was professional, loyal, and ethical in all aspects of her work. Her communication and organizational skills were a great asset to our day-to-day business. I would highly recommend Patty to anyone looking to enter into a business relationship with her.


Dave Demaria

Account Mgr.

Caltronics Business Systems




I was impressed with your initiative in the email re: my client and breakfast, by going to see if he was on the calendar or not. That wasn't in the "assignment" of why you were sent the email, but you thought to look at the rest of the email and see if we were all cool on our end of things with the actual meeting. That was great initiative and well thought through!


As I mentioned, I'm also noticing deadlines being met easily. Thanks for the responsiveness. The professional tone you are using in the messages is also quality as well.
Keep it up, thank you!


(Current client wishing to remain anonymous)



Patty has written content for a few of our clients' websites. I am very pleased with her speed, efficiency and professionalism. Our deadlines are being met for our clients and the quality of the content has helped many of them reach high levels in search engines. I highly recommend Girl Friday Associates to anyone who wants to work with a professional, high quality administrative assistant service. Their skills and knowledge base are second to none!


Alan G. Ainsworth


Jigsaw Design