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Social Networking


Many companies and individuals have joined the masses already using social network marketing. The internet attracts many business people who want to promote their business online. The use of social network sites, such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter or Linked In, etc., has grown so popular today that many companies or individuals can’t reach their full earning potential without them. At Girl Friday Associates, we are very familiar with promoting our clients’ businesses through the use of social networking. Our experience with social networks has not only helped our clients achieve additional revenue, but also moved them up in search engines, as they generated positive links to their website or articles. This, in turn, gives the company’s website more exposure. Our clients can work confidently, knowing Girl Friday Associates is handling their social networking behind the scenes to drive their sales higher than they would receive through traditional marketing only. If you’d like to know more about how Girl Friday Associates can help you with social networking, give us a call today!

Services Include:

Account Setup/Management

Daily Posting

Fan/Friend Acquisition

Tracking and Analysis